Our Team

Dee Martinez is the Account Executive for Video Audio Live and works closely with clients, musical directors, and community event managers. Dee’s strengths include excellent communication skills that are essential to the growth and expansion of Video Audio Live. Dee is a well-rounded individual and is responsible for developing new business opportunities with new and existing clients.

Gustavo Martinez is our Head Sound Engineer managing years of experience working with young artists and local artists, his tenacity and patience resulted in countless successful concerts. Gustavo managed to work tirelessly for local communities and festivals ensuring the sound is at its peak, he also works well under pressure especially when there are conditions that we all take for granted, unpredictable storms, technical surprises, and working with bands from 5 to 12 members. Gustavo proved to be an overall professional audio engineer. He holds a bachelor’s degree from George Mason University in Media Technology.


Our collaboration with Mark Campayno, director of Musicians Inc., provided us with multiple opportunities to showcase talented and gifted young musicians throughout our concert series at Toll Brothers Loudoun Valley Community. Mark Campayno is also the Youth Entertainment Coordinator for the acclaimed Loudoun YouthFest that is held every year featuring many of his students and other national acts.

Tom Graham is our freelance engineer. He received his Bachelor of Music from Shenandoah Conservatory in Music Production and Recording Technology in the Spring of 2012. Tom was the head sound engineer at Empire concert venue in Springfield, VA and he also runs his own recording studio, Front Porch Studios where he offers full multitrack recording services, mixing, mastering, as well as video editing services. Tom is also a member of the band Don’t Look Down which plays regularly throughout the region and has recently released their first full length album.

Stephanie McKendrick is our head band photographer. Recently she photographed our live performances at the Toll Brothers Live Concert Series. Stephanie has extensive experience in photographing bands including Kid Rock, The Devil Wears Prada, Steve Aoki and LMFAO! Stephanie also offers video services, including shooting and editing. Stephanie is also in collaboration with Summation Audio to provide high quality live performance video paired with live multitrack recording for the ultimate live performance media. She is currently in pursuit of a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree with a specialization in photography from George Mason University. Her latest work can be seen at www.stephmckphoto.com.

Erick Martinez is the lead technical crew with over 5 years of experience supporting all aspects of stage and instrument management. Erick is a song writer and performs regularly with his band in the Northern Virginia area.

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